Cashmere Mink Lashes 0.12mm

Cashmere Mink Lashes are our most luxurious lashes! They're ultra black, allowing you to create the darkest black Classic sets ever!


We have created lash trays for super easy organization - every strip is labelled with the Curl, Diameter, Length and Type of Lash.


You'll get 16 lines of our ultra black Cashmere Mink Lashes in each tray.


Note: Trays may have a 3mm or 2mm sticky strip. 


Note: Due to a recent manufacturer error, some trays will have foil backing and some may have a regular backing. We are unable to confirm which trays you will receive. Please be assured the lashes are the same - only the paper/foil backing will be different. We apologize for the inconvenience.