Red Cashmere Mink Lashes 0.07mm

Cashmere Mink Lashes are our most luxurious lashes! They're super soft and now available in Red!

We have created lash trays for super easy organization - every strip is labelled with the Curl, Diameter and Length.


You'll get 16 lines of our ultra red Cashmere Mink Lashes in each tray - loads of lashes for volume!


Please note that this is very thin and soft lash, therefore lashes may relax 30% of the curl during 4 week wearing period. CC, D or DD curls are recommended for clients who are rougher with their extensions! It is important to keep these extensions away from heat! In addition, the curl is stronger than our traditional Faux Mink Lashes.
C (8mm-14mm)D (9mm-15mm)