A Guide to Choosing the RIGHT Tweezer

As lash artists, the tool that we use most often is our tweezers! As such, tweezers can really have a significant impact on our artistry. A good pair of tweezers improves our artistry, makes lashing easier, more efficient, and reduces strain on the hands. As they say… choose your weapon wisely! 

A good pair of tweezers can be different for everyone - at the end of the day, it all comes to personal preference. We’ll be sharing some tips on factors to consider when choosing the right tweezers for you. 

Although personal preference is most important when choosing a tweezer shape, there are some qualities of tweezers that make some better than others.

Tweezer Quality

A great pair of professional lash extensions tweezers are made from high quality medical grade Japanese stainless steel. This material is more resistant to rust, and is very durable which are important qualities needed for lash tweezers. You’ll find that good quality tweezers are also more lightweight and comfortable in the hands.

On top of using high-quality material, quality control is important. Having good quality control is necessary so that you don’t receive a defective tweezer, such as those that do not close perfectly at the boot. If the boot of the tweezer doesn’t close perfectly, and there’s a gap, the tweezer will not work! At The Lash Shop, we ensure strict quality control processes so that our tweezers are in great condition and are ready to use with ease.


How comfortable a pair of lash tweezers is highly dependent on the tension of the tweezers. A soft tension is preferred by most lash artists because it reduces fatigue and hand strain. Tweezers that have a strong tension require a lot of pressure in order to fully close the boot of the tweezer and get a good grasp on the lashes. This is not ideal, especially if you lash for long hours. Luckily, our tweezers are designed to have a perfect amount of tension for maximum comfort and the tension can be easily adjusted to suit your needs. Check out our demonstration on how to adjust your tweezer’s tension here. 

Isolation Tweezers

Isolation tweezers are held in your non-dominant hand. This tweezer is to help you isolate the client’s natural lash before you apply the extension on it. When it comes to isolation tweezers, having a fine, thin tip is important to help you isolate even the shortest, thinnest lashes. For lashes that are straight and don’t have lift, we recommend using an isolation tweezer with an angled tip such as our Skinny 45 Degree Tweezer or our Classic 45 Degree Tweezer. The angled tip helps you easily isolate the eyelash without angling your own hand.

For clients with slightly lifted or curved natural lashes, you’ll find straight isolation tweezers to do the trick. We recommend using our Straight Isolation Tweezer or our Curved Isolation Tweezer. These are also useful when isolating inner and outer corner lashes.

Application Tweezers

Application tweezers can be used for Classic lashing techniques or Volume lashing techniques. At the end of the day, which type of tweezers you like most comes to personal preference. However, when it comes to Volume lashing, you’ll want to invest in a pair of high quality tweezers. A good pair of tweezers can easily pick up lots of lashes, but a pair of poor quality tweezers might only be able to pick up one extension.

For Classic lashing techniques, most artists prefer using J Curve Tweezers

For Volume lashing techniques, most artists prefer using J Curve, 45 Degree, 90 Degree, or Slim Boot. Which tweezer you will like for volume will also depend on how you make your fans. If you fan on the sticky dot, you’ll likely prefer the slim boot. If you’re a pincher, most will enjoy using the J Curve and 90 Degree Tweezer.

Our NEWEST line of tweezers is the GripLock collection, which has quickly become a fan-fave. What makes these lash tweezers so unique is the fact that we have a specially designed etching in the boot. The special etching gives the tweezer an ultra strong grip, perfect for creating and picking up volume fans. 

The “sweet spot” of a tweezer is commonly known as the section of the boot of the tweezer that has the best grip. This is where you can expect to pick up a volume fan without having any lashes slip through the boot. With our GripLock collection, the specially designed etching makes the sweet spot everywhere along the boot. You can easily pick up your handmade volume fans anywhere along the boot with the strongest grip! We’ve perfected the etching design so that artists easily use this tweezer regardless of fanning method. 

The Perfect Tweezer for YOU

How do you know which tweezer will work best for you? The best way to determine this is really by trial and error. Everyone’s hands, and the way we hold the tweezers is different, and these are all important factors that dictate what tweezers work best for you. For some artists, they actually even prefer straight isolation tweezers for Classic techniques. There’s really no right or wrong answer.

At The Lash Shop Headquarters, we have an interactive retail space, called “The Lab”, where artists can test out products and tools prior to purchasing them. It’s a great opportunity for artists to figure out which tweezer they like best.