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4D | 0.07mm | 500 Promade Fans

4D | 0.07mm | 500 Promade Fans



Our pre-made volume fans are unlike any other, and are the absolute must-have for lash artists. Designed and crafted to resemble your best-ever handmade volume fans, these pre-mades will help you effortlessly create the most stunning sets in the least amount of time. Prepare to be amazed by the time-saving benefits and boost in revenue, while maintaining exceptionally long-lasting quality lash sets. 

Our premium premade volume fans were innovated with you in mind:

• Meticulously handcrafted with the highest quality vegan fibres

• True dark black colour

• Satin finish

• Snatched, bundled base for flawless application and outstanding retention

• Perfect narrow to medium width fans for versatility of use

• Soft and featherlight

• Heat bonded bases

Start creating breathtaking lash sets in record time and unmatched efficiency with our premium pre-made volume fans!


• Apply our reusable Pre-Made Fan Silicone Mat onto your tile of choice. We recommend pairing it with our Acrylic Tile for seamless compatibility and ease of use. 

• Remove a strip of our premade volume fans from the box and place it onto the silicone mat. Repeat until you have all the desired strips. Once all the fans from the strip are used, easily remove and dispose or recycle the strip. 

• The Pre-Made Fan Silicone Mat can be reused by cleaning it with soap and water. Allow it to air dry after cleaning. 



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