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lash cleansing brush

Lash Cleansing Brush


Elevate your lash cleaning routine with our ultra-luxe Lash Cleansing Brush, crafted to complement our Balanced Lash Cleanser. Designed with dense, soft bristles, this brush offers a gentle yet thorough cleansing experience, ensuring every lash is perfectly prepped. 

It’s ideal for both in-salon use to prep lashes before appointments and as a luxurious part of your clients' aftercare regimen to enhance lash retention.

Key Features

Gentle Touch: High-quality, dense bristles gently cleanse without irritating the skin or damaging lashes.

Thorough Cleaning: Ensures a deep clean, effectively removing buildup and residue to improve lash retention.

Versatile Use: Perfect for application during lash extension appointments and as a take-home aftercare tool for clients.

Reusable Design: This eyelash cleansing brush is designed for repeated use by the same client. Include it as a special gift to your clients post service, adding value to your services while promoting lash aftercare practices.


Moisten the Brush: Dampen the bristles with warm water and apply a small amount of Balanced Lash Cleanser.

Gently Cleanse: Use the brush to softly cleanse the lash line and eyelashes in a downward motion, ensuring thorough removal of makeup and debris.

Rinse and Dry: After cleansing, rinse the lashes and brush under clean water. Allow the brush to air dry before the next use.

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