Cyanoacrylate is an acrylic resin that polymerizes into a solid in the presence of water. The main ingredient in all eyelash extension adhesives is cyanoacrylate. This ingredient is found in any instant bonding adhesives such as super glues and nail glue. Cyanoacrylate is the ingredient that provides the instant cling. An adhesive containing this ingredient does not “dry”, it polymerizes into an inert plastic in the presence of water


The adhesive requires water to form the initial bond and turn from a liquid into a solid. It requires a specific amount of water in the air (humidity) to form the initial bond. Depending on the formulation of the adhesive, the optimal humidity range will vary. It is very important to always work within the optimal humidity range to ensure that the adhesive works as specified. If an adhesive is used in the incorrect humidity range, it will not be able to form the bond properly (no instant cling and/or poor bond strength), which can lead to application and retention issues. To measure your humidity, use a hygrometer.

If the humidity is too low, it will take longer for the adhesive to form the initial bond, as it takes longer for the cyanoacrylate to react with the low water content in the air. 

If the humidity is too high, the cyanoacrylate will react too fast, as it reacts quickly with the high water content in the air.

To bring your environment to the perfect humidity range, you can use a humidifier (to increase humidity) or a dehumidifier (to decrease humidity).

Low Humidity

Adhesive Bond Time: 

Takes longer to bond

What to Do:

Use a humidifier to increase the humidity

Perfect Humidity

Adhesive Bond Time: 

Bonds within the specified time

What to Do:

Maintain current environment conditions

High Humidity

Adhesive Bond Time: 

Dries faster than the specified time

What to Do:

Use a dehumidifier to decrease the humidity


Temperature can change the consistency of the adhesive – low temperature will cause the adhesive to seem thicker and high temperature will cause the adhesive to seem more liquid. Room temperature will ensure that the adhesive is in the perfect consistency = all ingredients in the adhesive are mixed evenly.

To bring your environment to the perfect temperature range, you can use a heater (to increase temperature) or turn on your air conditioning system (to decrease temperature).